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Gut Bar is the largest collaboration of Gut Health enthusiasts & experts in South Africa. Combined we offer the countries largest & most diverse selection of Gut Healing; Fermented Foods & Beverages, Health, Whole Foods & Products with one clear vision & purpose – Gut Health.
We’re dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their health & wellbeing, starting with their gut; which is the centre of all wellness.
We offer everything from; Kefir both Milk & Water, Kombucha, Fermented Krauts, Kimchi’s, Whole Brined Vegetables, Bone Broth, Fresh Juices & Soups & Natural Skin & Home Care.

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More about the Gut Collective

This is a story about a mom who found a miraculous treasure while trying to heal a sick child. This ancient treasure helped her daughter and others and so inspired was the she that she committed to sharing this good news with as many as she could. So she set off on a quest to help heal the nation of South Africa – one tummy at a time, too share the knowledge and the blessings of life carried by a collections of tiny microorganisms called kefir.

This ancient treasure known as KEFIR is a fermented beverage and it’s AWESOME! I’m that mom, my names is Bronwen and when I saw what kefir did for my children I knew I’d found something miraculous. My daughter had suffered with tummy problems, now known as IBS for quite a while and I wasn’t sure how to help her. Once she started consuming kefir regularly she experienced so much relief I had to pay attention. I too benefitted from drinking kefir as it sorted out a constipation issue I sometimes experienced. This stuff was amazing. The research started and I was blown away. These tiny living microorganisms were the answer to many of the health problems I saw people experiencing. I knew I had to get as many people as possible to try kefir.

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life and in 2015 I decided to make my passion my business. Having something I believed in as much as kefir I decided to make kefir full time. The name nume S.A. came from a word my little boy used to call food when he was a baba. He’d ask for nummi-sa. I loved it. Turned out it wasn’t as easily said and soon nummi-sa became nume S.A..

In the early days of kefir fermenting it was just my daughter and I harvesting batches of milk kefir early in the mornings before she had to go to school. We prayed for water kefir cultures (aka grains) and shortly afterwards they manifested. This meant I could also help people who didn’t drink milk.

Nume S.A. PTY is an artisanal business based in Gerardsville, Gauteng. What started as a small seed of light has grown into a thriving artisanal business. The more I’ve learned about the importance of our gut microbiome, the more passionate I became. Our gut area is so important. When things don’t work properly we get sick. When we don’t eat living foods as part of our diet we get sick because things don’t work properly. Fermented foods give life – literally.

I am blessed to have an amazing team of individuals who help me bring the best, most alive kefir  to you. We get the importance of gut health and want as many South African’s as we can to know how to look after their gut and to give them access to quality gut health products and services. Kefir is what we do. It’s our specialty but I also know how difficult it can be when you first start out on your gut healing journey. There is so much to learn and so many things you’ve never heard of that you now need to find. I have added links to some of these products to help you along the way and will add more as I find them.

I would also like to invite you on a journey with me to learn about the importance of a healthy gut – from the mouth to the stomach, intestines, colon and all the way to the exit. There is too much illness in the world that has no place here. We get to choose to live better, healthier, balanced and happier lives. We get to #BeLoveSeeLoveDoLove for ourselves and others.


nume S.A. has just entered a new phase in 2021 and I am now taking the dream for a healthier and happier nation to the next level. nume S.A. is now Nu Me S.A. and our mission to is build a healthier and happier South Africa one microbiome, one gut, one person at a time.

Your health and wellbeing is our intention. Our fermentation facility is fully compliant with FSA certification for food safety and HACCP and my business is SARS and CIPC compliant.

Ché Gourmet is the leading supplier of Authentic Korean Kimchi as well as the Largest Fermented Food Range in South Africa.

Ché Gourmet was started 7 years ago when owner and founder Ché Upton returned from travelling the world. Ché Gourmet produces a range of Healthy Gourmet Sauces, Seasonings, Marinades, Pickles, Pastes & Fermented Food from around the world inspired by her travels. Not only do they bring the world to your kitchen BUT they do it in a VERY healthy way. All of their ingredients are as natural & organic as possible, free from preservatives, stabilisers, colourants and are completely refined sugar free, vegan friendly and DELICIOUS with a huge focus on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.

They currently produce a range of perishable as well as non-perishable items and these products represent hours spent with local people in their homes in their countries (Including South Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru among a few) learning the true way of making each and every one of these items and a few Ché has been inspired to create.

As suppliers of Fermented Foods and International Spices, Che Gourmet pride themselves on AUTHENTICITY, ORIGINALITY and healthy ingredients ALWAYS! At Ché Gourmet we do not import products and repackage them but manufacture each and every product from scratch so we are able to control EXACTLY what ingredients go inside. This allows us to produce a much higher quality product with the same authentic flavours as the original.

Aligned with the global movement towards healthier food Ché Gourmet has stepped in as the leader in Fermented Foods & Gut Health in South Africa with a huge focus on their top of the range product; Kimchi being the main driving force of the brand.

If you would like to find out how to get some of our amazing Kimchi and Fermented Foods, Gourmet Sauces, Seasonings, and more please email us now or feel free to browse through the Gut Bar online shop.

Lynda is an experienced and well-informed Health Wellness and Lifestyle Coach and Companion. Founder and owner of Evolved Mind and Body Worx. The guardian company to the health products ranges, Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul and Ready2Go Vegan Meals. Specialising and focused on Body, Mind, Soul health and wellness. Our ethos is “Wellness from Within”, based on your become “what you consume”. Lynda found that although she was supporting her clients, physically with massage therapy, mentally with Coaching, Counselling and companionship through various serious and significant crossroads, people were still struggling to get committed to their own change, losing interest, lacking energy, and stressed out.  Lynda looked deeply into the connection between nutrition and who we are, it was astounding to become so empowered with such significant information to support my clients in a more substantial and long-term sustainable way. You are what you consume! What a wonderful 7 years we have had growing Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, and Ready2Go vegan meals. We have successfully helped 1000’s of people to change how they take care of themselves from within, and it’s from that place you change everything.

Lynda continues to create wonderful health enhancing products and services that support vibrant health in a crazy world. Your health and wellness is about your choice and responsibility, body, mind and soul. Take the steering wheel of your own life and steer yourself into a long and abundant life. The importance of Gut health, the confirmed information that this is our 2nd brain, and the significance of making very good choices about what you consume is something to take very seriously, we take it very seriously, that is why we make our products in a very unique way that supports deep and meaningful gut cleaning and healing, thus building a resilient immune system and organ function. We have BIG respect for the organs, each one a cog in a very important Life System.

If you want to know more, contact us and schedule a clarity call with Coach Lynda, invest in yourself “whole-heartedly” no one else is going to do it for you.

I am Quinette van Zyl, or “Q” if you prefer – the founder and owner of The Gutsy Joint. I am also a mother of two beautiful children – whom I never thought I’d be lucky enough to be blessed with. My business was born from trying to address my own health challenges – ranging from hormonal imbalances; diabetes; polycystic ovarian syndrome and.. infertility. After learning about the healing benefits of bone broth, I set out to find me some Bone Broth – as many alternative healthcare experts as well as scientific studies have published extensively about how Bone Broth may be beneficial to health (especially to the ailments I suffered from).

Bone Broth was not widely available at the time, and the ones that were – were simply, not good enough. So, I started making my own. I experimented for years and came up with a winning recipe – and it’s still the one I use today! So, I started consuming bone broth, followed a clean diet, and a few months later, my gorgeous son Ruben was born on our 10- year wedding anniversary! 28 months later, my beautiful daughter Zoë was born. I have nursed my babies for nearly 3 and half years, supplementing my diet with bone broth for strength and endurance! This saying comes to mind: ‘The nights are long but the years are short!’ For nursing moms – this is so true! Broth accompanied me most nights (and days). Broth has endless uses! I even used it as a ‘salve’ once on my hand, incidentally, after I burnt it pouring piping hot broth! Healed so well! My before and after shots are astonishing! In the kitchen – soups and stews; sautéing vegetables; adding broth as cooking liquid to almost any dish! We also drink it often, instead of over-consuming cups of coffee or tea on busy days! My kids ask for it regularly and I even used to send some to school in their lunchboxes!

I have a very special relationship with food. It’s my passion! Growing up, both my parents worked full time, and nutrition wasn’t on top of the priority list. Three permanently hungry kids, two being active and growing boys – the aim was more to feed us, rather than feed us well. Bless their hearts! They did the best they could!! I now understand the importance of consuming a well-balanced diet, as I’ve struggled with my health and weight most of my life! I have also come to understand how gut-health plays an integral part in our overall health! There’s are reason they call the gut the second brain! And with my kids having been tested for MTHFR, I have seen how important a good and healthy diet is to their overall mood and health! We all have different backgrounds, and I believe we all have unique gifts to gift the world, as our respective journeys have prepared us for. We not only consume food because it sustains us and ensures a full tummy. We need to be able to nurture our bodies and give it all it needs to grow and flourish

As human beings, food fulfils many needs we have: It provides warmth and comfort; it is there for our enjoyment and it brings us together, as families, friends and strangers (who are really just longing to be friends!) Pills and potions may come and go – but good honest, slow cooked foods – will be our ally for life! The Gutsy Joint Broth is unlike any other Broth you may come to know. We do things a little differently, and mostly, because our product is made with a lot of love and healing intention.It is also home-made. Each and every ingredient is sourced from local small-scale farmers who sustainably farm their product, and take pride in their produce. They are conscious individuals who focus on quality instead of quantity. They understand that producing a good quality product, even if it is on a smaller scale – leaves an impact much deeper than producing on mass scale – similar to the person who plants the seed of a tree, in which shade he may never get to sit under. Our ingredients are treated with respect. A lukewarm bath filled with sea salt, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda is prepared for all our vegetables on arrival. This ensures that all ‘nasties’ are gently removed, before their final rinse with clean, filtered water. Then, all their ‘glorious imperfections’ are removed after careful inspection. They are then cut into an ideal roasting size and slowly roasted to sweet perfection. Our lovely bones, arrive clean and expertly ‘butchered’. The bones are steeped in boiling water for a few minutes, which allows any scum to come up to the surface and be removed. Then it’s off to their next cosy spot – the grill. Golden brown is the goal, drizzled with Olive oil and Himalayan salt.

Only fresh herbs and spices are used in our broth! No irradiated, dried and tasteless commercial ‘stuff’ for our broth!! We cook using an oil jacket cooker. It’s a stainless-steel pot, with an inner chamber filled with oil. It’s very efficient and temperature controlled. 80 Degrees Celsius. Our Vegetable Broth cooks for 12 hours and is bottled hot, ensuring a hot seal. Beef, Venison or Chicken Bones are cooked for 16 hours before they are joined by their flavourful friends – the vegetables, and cooked for another 8 hours. Also bottled hot, ensuring a heat-sealed product for your safety. We are so proud of our products, and how our business has been growing. We do mention our product on social media every now and then, but have grown our outlets organically (word of mouth). We have regular customers who order broth for home delivery on a weekly basis, since the start – April 2019 (some even before we opened our Online Store!)

We are delighted to have you join our family and know our product will be doing so well with you! PS. I am sharing something someone wrote after I did a tasting at a Health Talk last May. It was probably one of the highlights since I started making broth: “She is standing at a table next to a beautiful glass jar, filled with warm, golden broth. Without saying a word, she slowly pours the warm, slightly savoury bone broth into an insulated glass cup, with an almost, satisfying look on her face. She walks up to her valued guest – and asks them to please take the broth and drink from the cup. As the delighted guest sips the broth, she asks: “What does it taste like?” “How does it make you feel?” The conversation starts with an elaborate description of a celebration of tastes.. of warmth, comfort and deep pleasure… and ends with…. “Please may I have some more?”…. How lovely, right

Hi, I am Davida. I have always had a passion for health and wellness.   To my despair, in 2015, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Graves’ Disease). Relax! Graves’ does not mean I am on my way to my grave :-). It only refers to the name of the person who came up with the disease.

Graves’ is an auto-immune disease which attacks the thyroid. I received radio-active iodine and was very sick for a long time.  The first year I could not work full-time. I worked anything between 2-3 hours a day. The physician and specialist that administered the radio-active iodine left me for the wolves.  If you are not well and a doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong with you, do not ignore what your gut tells you! Send me an e-mail or make an appointment with an Integrative Health Practitioner.

I started off my journey with a TSH Receptor Antibody score of 248,50, it should be less than 1,8!  I am happy to say that today my score is 1,61.  Meaning that I am in remission!  I got here because I decided to take charge of my life and my health.  I did extensive research and soon realised I need to focus on reducing my overall toxicity load through diet, reducing environmental toxins and exercise.  In doing my research, I was astonished at how toxic our lives are.  Not only do we think toxic thoughts, we also live in a toxic environment and lavish our bodies on a daily basis with even more toxins through what we eat, drink, and rub onto our skin.

My journey taught me that one single intervention is not enough.  A holistic approach is needed.  Here you can see my transformation.  The photo on the left was taken in June 2015, 2 months after being diagnosed. To this date it shocks me to see myself like that.

Whilst on my journey, I wrote the book NO MORE STRESS, YOUR PROACTIVE GUIDE TO STRESS MANAGEMENT.  My mission is to share with you the hard lessons I had to learn to get from being VERY ILL to feeling focused, strong, motivated and healthy.  Since then I have not stopped doing research on health and wellness, and have learnt so much.  I have now captured all this information in my book No More Illness, Life after Autoimmune Disease.

What shocked me the most was that life-style choices have a direct impact on your health, without you even knowing about it.  The exciting news is that you can improve your health significantly with life style changes.

My skin and hair care products are 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. If you wish to not only clean up your diet, but also your skin and hair care products, do take a look at what we can provide.

Marlena Kruger is a radiographer and Doctor of Psychology of Education turned integrative digital wellness (for health and wellbeing) or techno-life coach teaching young and old the art and science of creating and nurturing a wonderful person and healthy balance between YOU in REAL life and the digital world.

Her journey in this specific integrative digital field of work started more than 10 years ago after falling seriously ill while working at a top tertiary institution in South Africa. My illness, however, made me realise that by only using technology and foregoing real-life interactions and learning, we are losing more than what we are gaining.

This new knowledge has set her on a new path and now she is on a quest to raise awareness among young and old about the dangers of overexposure to technology for the healthy and balanced development of our children and ourselves. She is also passionate about empowering individuals to become purposeful, unique and influential digital leaders, parents or children who thrive and nurture a healthy balance in our techno-driven world.

She manufactures the WoWe®-radiation-shielded products to protect people against harmful, manmade and unnatural EMF radiation coming from e.g., cell phones and Wi-Fi.

MindUnique Education and our WoWe radiation-shielded products protect us and our vital organs, including our gut (digestive system), against the exponential increase in harmful, unnatural, and pulsed EMF radiation.