Constipation Box – 7 day program

The Constipation box contains  3 natural products to help you tummy work properly.

  • 1L Kefir (milk or water) which contains multi-strain live probiotics
  • 1 medium Kimchi or Sauerkraut contain live probiotics and prebiotics
  • 100g Gut Build contains prebiotics, probiotics, snow fungus (a vegan collagen type), L-Glutamine and zinc to help the gut lining

Please note that you will receive an email with a link for a Google Form on which you can make your selection of the various flavours we offer upon receipt of your order.

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Benefits of Constipation Gut Box


  • Reduction in inflammation

Inflammation in the body causes the body to hold onto weight as it tries to protect itself by covering the vital parts in fat. This fat causes other problems. Once the body is in a state of inflammation it will put the immune system on high alert and over a period of time it will start to attack itself resulting in an autoimmune dis-ease. 


  • An increase in serotonin

By bring balance and repair to the gut and reintroducing the beneficial microbes you will experience an increase in serotonin production. Why? 85% of our body’s serotonin is produced in the gut, therefore an imbalance will mean you experience more anxiety, depression as well as sleep disorders.


  • Better absorption

Our gut microbe balance affects how we absorb nutrition. They are the workers that process our meals. If we don’t have enough workers (microbes) and if their diversity (job function) is limited, then we wont be able to get all the nutrition out of our food.


  • More efficient disposal, less constipation

Once the microbes have processed the food, it needs to be evacuated. Constipation goes hand in hand with all of the above problems. Once you have the balance right you will be able to go No2 more frequently and easily.


  • Reduction in IBS symptoms

IBS is directly related to the balance of microbes in your gut. All of the above problems fall in to the symptoms of IBS, as do bloating, gas, skin issues, pain and discomfort. Healing of the gut lining and repopulation of the beneficial microbes (also known as gut flora) will definitely reduce your IBS and bring balance back.


  • Increased weight loss

As balance is restored and inflammation reduces, your body will be able to let go.


Products have been carefully chosen to help you repair your gut lining, reseed your gut microbiome with multi-strain probiotics, to feed your gut microbiome and to restore balance.

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