Milk Kefir Vanilla

Vanilla flavoured full cream milk kefir

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Delicious, cultured milk kefir made with love. We ferment all our kefir with Live kefir grains aka a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) using traditional ferment methods used for hundreds of years to give you a high probiotic count and maximum probiotic diversity.

Milk kefir contains approximately 30+ beneficial bacteria that help to balance your gut microbiome. The microbes in our gut do most of the work from digestion of food particles, breaking it down so the body can use and absorb it to the manufacture neurotransmitters and vitamins.

Our gut microbes protect our gut lining and prevent undigested food particles from being absorbed into the blood stream. A leaky gut or gut dysbiosis can lead to other disease and illness. The gut microbiome is our most important line of defense and works closely with our immune systems to keep us healthy.

NuMe kefir contains both bacteria and yeasts and is made with kefir grains. These are whole and not created in a lab. The combination of the yeasts and bacteria working together are what make a traditional kefir so powerful.

PLEASE NOTE: Kefir is a living beverage and will keep fermenting if cold chain is broken. Please keep your kefir at 4°C.


100ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L

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